White C**t, MN Nice, Congressman Doug Lamborn, & You Called The President "Tar Baby" (N***er, Dirty Negro, Your Slave Boy, Fit Enough To Be Hanged)

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

It just makes you speechless.

Who calls the President Of The United States a Tar Baby and thinks they can get away with that -- unscathed?

Dumbass White People.

That's who.

And it has a carry over effect. When DWP's think it's okay to slur the President Of The United States referring to him in a way that makes him less than human, fit to be hanged, killed for the fun of it just because of his color and racial makeup - it gives the cue to everyone else that it's okay to block the Person Of Color behind you at the grocery store moving back and forth so they can't get in front of you to see what's on the shelf because you feel your entitled to stay there as long as you want - until the POC comes up behind you and just forces their way in - and woman in front of me - apparently you were about to be called a White Cunt if you would have done that dance in the aisle one more time - at least that's what the APA woman at the grocery store told me before she left with that cake in her hand (I don't know why people feel compelled to tell me such things btw, but I don't mind...).

From the grocery store it's the post office, the gas station, a restaurant, a clinic, Terminal X in your not so favorite airport, getting a job, and access to power and wealth - I mean if the cue is given that it's okay to denigrate a Person Of Color who holds the highest position of power in our country (or at least one of them) what does it say to people on how they can treat the rest of us who don't get round the clock secret service treatment?


Sure, you may not approve of the phrase "White Cunt", but if every action has a reaction than that's the reaction from some Women Of Color (because we've all heard variations of it) who seem to encounter a plethora of White Women that try and pull power plays because they think they can. Because they feel entitled. Because they're like some of their White Male counterparts who never give a thought to anyone else except themselves.

When that happens, sometimes MN Nice gets thrown out the window.