The Best Wedding Proposal Of 2011 (And Possibly Also The Worst Responses Ever. Yes That Was Plural)

Friday, January 06, 2012

Even the most jaded of people should have shed a tear when Nam Tran broke into dance to serenade Trang Vu the love of his life (or possibly the love of his life in the past tense), because when you put that much time and choreography into that - you just know one thing: he must have really loved her (or possibly really screwed things up before).

But even if he did screw things up and maybe it wasn't perfect before I just couldn't help but think that the words "embarrassed", "you should have told me so I could put on make-up", "cheesy", and instead of saying "yes" saying "duh" to the question of the moment when Tran was down on one knee that somehow - well - these were possibly the worst responses to one of the most awesome Flash Mob Wedding proposals I've ever seen.

Maybe that's just the cynic in me though as everything looked fine on the news.

Except that they haven't actually set a date...

Here's hoping that I'm just an ass and they have a great wedding.

And an amicable divorce.