Uploaded: The Asian American Movement

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

If you haven't already seen this trailer for the documentary "Uploaded: The Asian American Movement" definitely check it out (the team has already been asked to be on the Anderson Cooper Show) and if you're so inclined - and inspired after watching it - get on down and help them out so they can finish post-production on IndieGoGo.

Because You Want To Know More

A documentary that explores the increased visibility of Asian Americans in popular culture since the advent of new media such as YouTube.

It aims to uncover the extent to which Asian Americans have utilized the Internet and Youtube to infiltrate American popular culture and where this momentum will lead. It will focus on the current struggles and successes of important Asian Americans in entertainment, from both new media creators to long time industry professionals.

Directed by: Kane Diep
Executive Producers: Farah Moriah & Julie Zhan
Lead Editor: Rommel Andaya
Assistant Editor: Mark Anthony Gadia
Starring: AJ Rafael, Clara Chung, David Choi, Jennifer Chung, Feats in Inches, Ross Ching, Paul J Kim, George Shaw and more