Papa John's Manager Blames Korean American For Racist Receipt

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

If you haven't heard by now Papa John's has some serious issues that they need to deal with including not only referring to Asian American customers as "Chinky eyes", but also having their managers blame the bad press on *gasp* the victim of the racism:

A manager from Papa John’s — only identified as Jerome — told the New York Post the teenaged cashier had meant no harm, and the name was just “a way to identify her and her order.”

“I think the lady put it out there just to get some attention — some people like that type of attention. I truly don’t think it’s fair. It’s been taking up all our time. It’s been very disruptive.”
It's bad enough that an employee did that - and they should be fired because I don't care what you say - everyone knows they shouldn't be doing that. But when you have the manager taking up for them and pushing the blame on Minhee Cho - that goes above and beyond.

Then again...maybe I'm just being too sensitive.

Maybe that really was her problem and she should be ashamed of herself for trying to get some attention. I mean if I think about it maybe Gordon Hirabayashi was just out there getting some attention. Maybe the family of Pvt. Danny Chen is just trying to get some attention (because that was clearly his issue of course) and now that I think of it - when it really comes down to it - if you're a POC and you have an issue because of racism -- you better shut the fuck up and just take it like they want us too and forget what anyone else says - because if you don't - clearly - you're just out there trying to get some attention and cause some good people in a good company to do extra work that they really shouldn't be doing anyway.

I'll take some Pizza Hut instead?