An Open Letter To The Golden Globes

Monday, January 16, 2012

Dear Golden Globes,

While this probably comes as no surprise to you (or me for that matter) I just have to ask the question again about all the major category nominees and why there's almost no People Of Color, and *gasp* no members from the APIA community?

Sure, maybe you can say that it's because of the lack of APIA faces in television and movies, but you know what? It's your job to seek them out. It's your job to elevate - make another major category if you have too so at least I can see some people that look like me in the coverage of your awards show and maybe (it's a slight maybe), people might start to go "Hmmm...I should cast them in my film, or television show".

But then again, maybe I'm in la la land (which some will say I am), because at the end of the day, I guess it's just the Golden Globes?

Not Really Yours (Unless You Want To Give Me A Handjob And Even Then I'd Still Probably Throw You To The Curb),