You're Suing Amazon (IMDb To Be Exact): Junie Hoang

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Yes, you may like your Kindle Fire (I hear it's all the rage), but that doesn't mean you should succumb to their issues with privacy - and really - don't you want to support some Vietnamese American actors and their quest to stay ageless?

Not every actor or actress can have the prestige of a Dustin Hoffman or a Helen Mirren. And when you don't, age can be a huge factor in landing a role, or losing one.

That's the argument Junie Hoang is pushing out there in her lawsuit against the popular Hollywood directory Internet Movie Database, amending her lawsuit against the site's parent, Amazon, to reveal her identity.

Hoang originally filed anonymously, claiming that IMDb revealed her age, 40, without her permission. According to her lawsuit, the site accessed her age using billing information she submitted to become a member of IMDb Pro, a subscription service that provides further details about television and film projects, as well as the cast and crew involved.

"We are very disappointed that the judge required the plaintiff to identify herself by name," Hoang's attorney, John Dozier, told The Hollywood Reporter. "But her willingness to do so should be a strong indication that my client is willing to see this case to its conclusion, however long that road may be."

Just as she did before she revealed her identity, Hoang won the support from the Screen Actors Guild in her efforts against IMDb.