List It: LA Asian Pacific Film Festival Documentary Feature Films

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

  • SEEKING ASIAN FEMALE - directed by Debbie Lum (United States)
  • PLANET OF SNAIL - directed by Yi Seung-jun (South Korea)
  • PAPA MAU: THE WAYFINDER - directed by Na’alehu Anthony (United States)
  • I.AM – SM TOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR - directed by Choi Jin-sung (South Korea)
  • CHINA HEAVYWEIGHT - directed by Yung Chang (Canada/PRC)
  • GIVE UP TOMORROW - directed by Michael Collins (Philippines/Spain/United States)
  • MR. CAO GOES TO WASHINGTON - directed by S. Leo Chiang (United States)
  • RESTORING THE LIGHT - directed by Carol Liu (China/United States)
  • UPLOADED: THE ASIAN AMERICAN MOVENT - directed by Kane Diep (United States)
  • WHERE HEAVEN MEETS HELL - directed by Sasha Friedlander (Indonesia)
  • GOLDEN SLUMBERS (LE SOMMEIL D’OR) - directed by Davy Chou (Cambodia)