Vietnamese American Woman Gets Sexually Assaulted And Police Do Nothing

Thursday, April 19, 2012

I was reading this article down at The Post and it just begs the question of what the hell they're doing in Falls Church Virginia.

In January, a Vietnamese woman who owns a day spa in the heart of Falls Church reported she was sexually assaulted at knifepoint inside her business. She flagged down a cab and chased her attacker, several people got good looks at the man, and the woman said her color surveillance cameras inside the store captured the man fairly clearly.

Four days later, a Falls Church police officer showed up at the woman’s Venus and Mars Spa and charged her with operating an unlicensed massage parlor. The woman said she didn’t run a massage parlor, but her business permit was immediately revoked by the city and the spa shut down. At her arraignment, the woman received a trial date of April11 and hoped to win her case and get her permit back then.

Instead, after a host of the woman’s witnesses and supporters waited for hours, Falls Church city prosecutor Daniel Conway asked for a continuance. He told the substitute General District Court judge he wasn’t expecting a “trial by ambush” by the defendant, that the officer was on vacation and that the city wouldn’t be ready for the misdemeanor trial for 10 more weeks. Conway’s request was granted, and the woman’s spa has now gone out of business. Her attacker is at large.
Get sexually assaulted.

Police shut down your shop.

Talk to you once.

Don't seem to take an interest in you.

You go out of business.


That seems par for the course.