Shanghai Calling, Daniel Henney + OMG That Trailer Better Be Fucking With Me

Thursday, April 05, 2012

First let me just put this out there: White women - fuck all the Asian and Asian American men that you want. Grab a hold of their dicks, slobber those MF's up, and grease that shit in to whatever place is feeling the need. I have no issues with anybody fucking anyone they want too - group it, grope it, fist it, fuck it, femdom it - more power to everyone.

But fuck me.

If Daniel Henney ends up going with the White chick in this MF I'm just going to be kinda pissed because WHY THE FUCK IS IT SO HARD TO SEE SOME ASIAN ON ASIAN CELLULOID LOVE?

God I hope I'm MF wrong on this fucker.


This film will have its world premiere at the Newport Beach Film Festival May 3 and then play the opening night of the LA Asian Pacific Film Festival on May 10.

P.S. x2

Who the hell is going to choose Eliza Coupe OVER Zhu Zhu?

P.S. x3

They've gotta be fucking with me.