Roger W. Lotchin (Professor At UNC) Claims WWII Camps Weren't Racist Against Japanese Americans And That They Weren't Concentration Camps

Friday, September 28, 2012

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Roger W. Lotchin
Professor; Adjunct Professor of the Curriculum in Peace, War and Defense
562 Hamilton Hall
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Chapel Hill, North Carolina 27599
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Fifth -- are you fucking kidding me? This guys is a professor at The University Of North Carolina and he teaches the following courses?

HIST 128—United States History Since 1865
HIST 373—The United States in World War II
HIST 374—The American West, 1800 to the Present
HIST 395—The United States in World War II: War and Society
HIST 584—The Promise of Urbanization: American Cities in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries

Holy fuck institutions of higher learning - what the hell are you doing? Do you not interview your professors or can just any racist dumb MF get a job at your school?

Snippets From This Magnum Opus called "There were no concentration camps in America"

I  want to call your attention to a new addition to Wyoming culture. It is a museum of the Heart Mountain Japanese American Relocation Center between Cody and Powell in World War II.

As you probably know, the Japanese-Americans on the West Coast were evacuated from their West Coast homes to camps in the interior West and Arkansas. That was done as a national security measure because the U. S. government doubted the loyalty of many of the “Nikkei,” as the group was then called, and feared the military prowess of the Imperial Japanese Navy.

The point of the museum is to prove that the camps were “concentration camps” and that they were established because of racism. Neither charge is true and neither has ever been proven. It is beyond question that many of the first generation Nikkei (a term comprising all Japanese-Americans) were loyal to Japan and some even went so far as to repatriate themselves to that country during the war and many more stated their intention to do so. The first generation had extensive pre-war ties to the Imperial Japanese government through the Japanese consuls in the United States. The pre-war Japanese claimed to have an extensive spy network on the West Coast and just before the war the government rolled up a net headed by a man named Itaru Tachibana. We don’t know whether a net existed after that point, but we do know that the Imperial Japanese servants thought that they had one. So did the American government. The United States and its allies suffered tremendous losses in the first six months of the war and the government thought that it could not fully trust the Nikkei in case the Imperial Japanese launched a raid on the West Coast. That was what caused the relocation of the Nikkei.

How many Japanese- Americans were disloyal is not known, but I have never read a piece of evidence from a reliable witness which said that all of them were loyal.

And To The

What the fuck are you printing this vile, racist, uneducated (ironic huh?) crap for anyway? This isn't opinion - this is KKK hang everyone from a tree hate speech and there's no way around it.