David So + Why's Everyone Hating On Viet Women? Gotta Beat That Down

Friday, July 11, 2014

So this is a nice video and all and I agree just do what you love.

At the End David talks about his love of Vietnamese women.

Check out these comments in the video from 2 people.

Brenda Revelo

Daivd sorry but hope you got over that "Vietnamese phase". I and including a couple of male friends had really bad experiences with a certain type of Vietnamese girls. Specially when it comes with Korean men, they fall for those certain type of girls and end up heartbroken and a changed man (in a bad way) yes those girls are pretty and develop nice features but some are cocky as FUCK and full of themselves. Each of my male friends were dating a vietnamese girl (the girls are not friends or know each other) but each one fought or broke up for stupid things. One started crying in public because the guy didn't have enough money to buy her boba tea. Another didn't like the gold necklace the guy bought for her for her birthday and throw it in the trash. Last one, always said "im cute right" and made weird trying-to-be-cute faces. -___- not saying all Vietnamese girls are like that, i know some really nice ones but there are these few that get on my nerves. Im not even Korean but i just cant stand to see a Korean guy with that type of Vietnamese girl

Kaitlin Nguyen

Alright first of all, you can go ahead and say anything you want, but the stuff that you saying is freaking racist, I'm Vietnamese and that was rude. It doesn't matter if you say that not all us girls are like that , its still not right for u to say anything about us, so keep your mouth shut about all races. Take a good look at your race first and than say something.