Fox's Gang Related + Stereotypes + The Godfather + Breaking Bad

Tuesday, July 08, 2014

From a strict media to representation POV, I get it, but I'm also a sucker for action/drama, and I like seeing someone like Sung Kang and the other POC cast in a good story a la Infernal Affairs and its remake The Departed. Does the story-line have some issues and do some of the characters lack depth? Sure, and I think they need to tighten up some of the timeline/back story issues too - but it's still a good watch.

From a tipping point of when it's okay to see actors of color in roles that aren't the hero or the savior, I think it's a personal choice. For all the casting and image issues you can talk about in relation to movies like The Godfather or Scarface - those are still American classics in that genre. What if Breaking Bad had a mainly Asian, Latino, Black or Native American cast?

What happens then?

I don't want to see actors of color in bad roles but sometimes it's a fine line between a stereotype and an archetype, and at least for now, I'm putting Gang Related in the latter.