For The Read: Samuel Liu + Slate + The Tiger Parents of Silicon Valley

Monday, July 20, 2015

I'll have to read through this article a little more later on, and while just one person's perception - still interesting enough. Here's a snippet from the article down at Slate:

My high school, academically top-of-the-line, illustrates one of the many absurdities of a country populated by different cultures and yet seemingly still possessed by that primordial urge to seek those whose skin color is the same—which goes to show once again that what is natural is not always good. In the end, we self-segregated because it made us feel more comfortable. And we lost out on all sorts of chaotic cultural interactions that might have happened in between.
I go back and forth on environments - sometimes it's good to be insulated and other times it's good to be immersed in so many things you don't know.