Re: On The "Golden Daughter" Murder Plot

Monday, July 27, 2015

I'm just going to do a list of thoughts on this one:

1. Either you, or someone you know, or many someone's you know grew up with some crazy hard-ass immigrant expectations (it's just a given in our APIA community) and while yes, it can be hard, I just don't see murder as a way out. I don't know anything about her home life - but if it's bad enough that you want/need to hire hit men - just leave. Sure it's going to be rough - but at least by not killing your family and just letting them go - you don't end up in jail and get to enjoy your life.

I think this sentiment goes double for someone when they're 21 and older.

2. Sure, academics and doing well is what everyone wants (generally speaking), and yes, immigrants by nature can have the mentality to "use it or lose it" in regard to opportunities - but there are APIA parents who also focus on art and activities which aren't driven by what college to attend, or what will make the most money or give the most stature. Let's put to rest this notion that all parents from the APIA community share those same sentiments. Mindsets are driven by background, country of origin, experiences in the old country and experiences in the new country and how you are received. If you've escaped war and trauma you may not be worrying as much about getting your kids into the Ivy's - getting them to high school and to graduate might be the main goal and anything after that is just gravy.

3. This is just unfortunate for everyone involved and I think I'll leave it at that.