Maybe I'm Someone Else's Harvey Wallbanger

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Chalk this up to one of those posts that is just, well - what it is - but I was thinking about this guy I used to work with - let's call him "Harvey Wallbanger" - hence the title of the post - and how sometimes I just didn't like "Harvey Wallbanger".

"Harvey Wallbanger" was smart. His peers liked him. It's not like I wouldn't talk with him or wouldn't go out to work lunches, or make jokes with him, etc. - Harvey was okay in that way (even though he knew he was smart and that could sometimes get in the way).

But sometimes it seemed that no matter what I did I would never be able to be on the same level as "Harvey Wallbanger" in some ways with other people.

It wasn't "Harvey Wallbanger's" fault.

And it wasn't his choice he was White and it wasn't my choice I wasn't (and I'm not trying to exclude or excuse what you do with privilege).

All of that being said though, I could never not notice that "Harvey Wallbanger" was White and I wasn't.

It was noticeable to me.

Sometimes very noticeable to me.

"Harvey Wallbanger" and I no longer work together now - it's been quite some time, but I wondered today - what if I'm someone else's "Harvey Wallbanger"?

It's kind of hard to not notice I have a dick.

Sometimes it's just relative to who you are but I'd like to think as we keep moving ahead in time those questions just keep getting fainter not because of them being covered up, but just because they are no longer needed to be asked - because it's level for everyone - and then everything else is what it is - no more questions needed.

Pimps be pimpy.

Squeakies get squeaky.

If you wanna do a line off an ass cheek do a line off an ass cheek.

If you wanna grill out and read a good book I say enjoy the sun and I hear they got some good deals on lotion down @ the old school 5 and dime.