PBS Online Film Festival + Banana Trip + Hyungjik Lee + Now I Want To Go To Spring Break And Put Peanut Butter On Myself So I Can Sit On The Beach And Have Animals Lick Me?

Monday, July 13, 2015

Not a lot of time left for this - but you still have some time - to watch and vote for the films. Apparently Hyungjik Lee's film is currently in first place. Here's more on the film and Lee from http://www.pbs.org/filmfestival/all-films/banana-trip/.

About the film

Visiting from South Korea, Seungmin and Dongjoo are counting on their Korean-American friend John to hook them up with girls — babes in bikinis on the Florida beach, to be exact. It doesn’t take long for the trio to realize that picking up chicks isn’t as easy as John’s braggadocio would suggest. With their day at the beach ending and prospects diminishing, the friends reevaluate their mission.

About the filmmaker

A Texan by way of Asia, Hyungjik Lee was born in Dallas and moved to South Korea when he was six, thus beginning a lifetime of commuting between two countries. His interests have also covered a lot of ground, including animation, writing a fantasy novel and painting. He’s currently pursuing filmmaking at Florida State University and wants to shoot music videos while continuing to travel as much as he can.


I haven't actually watched this - but I did quickly scroll through some random pieces (I'll catch it in full tonight as it's only 10 minutes).

And to answer your question - I have no idea where the PB minus the J reference comes from, but it just felt right because it's referencing spring break and that's just what you do on spring break - although only from what I hear as I never had the time or money to spring break it (unless you count the time I dressed up as a Palm Tree and asked people to lay under me for shade while they made googly eyes at each other and by googly eyes I mean that some people started taking off their clothes and I had to remind them that I was not a real Palm Tree and that I was indeed going to film them).