Christian And Jewish Songs Are Okay But Ramadan-themed "Allahu Akbar" Isn't? AKA This Is Why No One From The City Moves To Blaine

Friday, December 18, 2015

Just like any state, we have the cities and we have the suburbs and we have the outer 'who really wants to go there places'.

Blaine and Coon Rapids (and yes, I've had many a conversation about the city name Coon Rapids) are the latter.

And remember - Coon Rapids is where apparently you can't speak another language while dining or you'll get some crazy woman assaulting you (and btw, I really do feel like Anoka County shouldn't be a part of the MSP/STPL metro - because they suck).

It doesn't surprise me then that some folks in adjoining Blaine decided to get outraged when the song "Allahu Akbar" was added to the song list:

Some parents in the Anoka-Hennepin School District are questioning a choir teacher’s decision to use a song about Ramadan performed in Arabic at a holiday concert [...]

Another parent, who didn’t want to be identified, told WCCO phone that considering the recent events in Paris and San Bernardino, singing a song about Allah would be “insensitive.”
Apparently kids can opt out of the song if they don't want to sing it and it won't affect their grade.

I wonder if kids can opt out of "Away in the Manger" because their parents feel it would be insensitive with all of the sexual abuse and cover up that's transpired in the Christian church.

Get a clue.