My No Review Reviews: Forest Of Death VS The Forest VS Sea Of Trees

Thursday, December 10, 2015

First I will admit that I've had a Shu Qi crush for...well - many many years now and I will fully admit that I can, and sometimes am, biased.

And I will also admit that trees in Japan are different than trees in Hong Kong.

And I'll admit that I love the Pang Brothers (more so than the Cohen brothers - but I like them too - and yes, they have nothing to do with any of these films).

And I'm not saying that all 3 movies, with The Forest coming out in 2016, are all based on each other. Because you can have trees, and trees in forests where people die or commit suicide and it's not like Aokigahara isn't a real place where people actually commit suicide (so technically you could say The Forest and the Sea Of Trees deal with the same subject matter, albeit one won't get booed at Cannes).

I guess what I'm saying is just that there are a lot of movies about forests where people die but none of them have Shu Qi in it or Ekin Cheng believing that trees can actually be witnesses to murder. And since I haven't seen Sea of Trees (and it did get booed), and The Forest hasn't come out yet (so I haven't seen that either) - I think the clear winner here is Forest of Death.

If I were to choose a winner.

Which I'm not though.


True to my post title.

Here's the trailer for Forest of Death and The Forest if you are so inclined to watch them.