Net Neutrality And A Free Internet For The AAPI Communities

Tuesday, December 08, 2015


Net neutrality and a free, fair internet and communications backbone affects so many communities of color, immigrant communities, and poor communities that are financially volatile. Without a free and fair internet, the digital divide will grow larger, and access to information, communication networks, and educational tools - all helping to add to the foundations of a brighter future can be in jeopardy. It's not sexy or media headline grabbing (and I mean that in a respectful way but also that I don't think we need to focus on a few radicals day in and day out because of xenophobia - and in turn have to react to that versus just covering mainly the victims and talking about policies like gun control) - but it's extremely important. Access to information and the right to access that information in the same way for everyone - specifically built on the networks of government and educational institutions and not private industry (albeit they have furthered some of the infrastructure, however still within the confines of federal and government oversight) -- it's our right to use and access w/o private companies making the decisions.