You're A First: Judge Lynn R. Nakamoto

Tuesday, December 08, 2015

One day I dream of getting a JD and waving my big gavel while donned in a black robe...

Sure that may sound like the start of something more perverse but it's really not (get your mind out of the gutter thank you very much).

Anyway...I'm glad somone like Judge Lynn R. Nakamoto will get to do this on the Oregon Supreme Court and wave around her big gavel:

Oregon Court of Appeals Judge Lynn R. Nakamoto has been appointed to the Oregon Supreme Court by Gov. Kate Brown. Nakamoto is replacing Justice Virginia L. Linder, who has retired.

Nakamoto is the first Asian Pacific American to sit on the state's highest bench. Judge Roger J. DeHoog, a Deschutes County Circuit Court judge, will fill Nakamoto's vacancy at the court of appeals.