Apple Still Has Work To Do In Closing The Gap With Black Workers

Thursday, August 04, 2016

While it's great to see that Apple* is hiring Asian, Black, and Hispanic/Latinx workers in the double digits, it's also showing that those numbers need to be increased dramatically in order to get Black workers into the same double digits for the overall current worker percentage.


7%, 11%, and 15%.


While Asians go up 15% to 19% - a 4% increase, Black workers only go up 2% while Hispanic/Latinx workers only go up 1%.

I give credit to Apple for making the data available and for looking to improve the diversity at their company. But they need to to do more if they are going to decrease that gap. At the very least I would like to see them get Black and Hispanic/Latinx workers up to the 15% overall margin and wouldn't it be nice to see 20% across the board for all three?