Not Lifted: Well...That New CL Video And Song Kinda Sucks Doesn't It? What's Wrong With The Marketing People? Who Does This Shit? I Need Asian Americans?

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

I've been wrong before, but when it comes to Asian stars trying to make a splash in the music biz here in the U.S. - they've all died the death that technically they should - and remember I love my pop of all varieties - but I've been right in knowing that their U.S. singles or the way they were marketed - just suck.

And that's the best way to put it.

Remember BoA's video that got panned? How about Utada going on the morning show (like who got that gig) - and yes Utada is technically Asian American and they should have done a lot more.

Where's Girls Generation now in the U.S. Where's Se7en after he dropped it with Lil Kim?

See - you can't try and make someone U.S. hip hop, when they aren't (although I thought Se7en's single was pretty good).

You need Asian Americans to kick it like that - 'cause you know - we're a part of U.S. hip hop.

And it has to be genuine.

On one hand I'm up for Asian stars trying to do it in the U.S. - I'm down with that. But not when you do it like this, and not when Asian American musicians and artists aren't getting the respect that they deserve.

And this video by just reeks of appropriation *not* being genuine - even though it wants to be cool.

But we all know you can want things...even if you never get them.

I almost feel like I need to manage someone because no one seems to know how take an Asian star and make them a crossover here. It's like they take the best parts of what made them good, drop it all, and then mold them into something they're clearly not. And sure - I have no experience in this whatsoever - but I feel like I could do a better job then what's been done because the bar keeps getting set pretty MF low.


Way to steal that line from Jin. Clearly it is "lifted".