The Fung Bros + Richie + Brook-Lin + Damn Those Comments

Thursday, August 04, 2016

Fun video about Jeremy Lin heading back to NY but damn - did you read some of those comments?


"Americans supporting Americans is cool, but Asians supporting Asians is considered dick-riding/hyping. RIIIIIIIGHT"

"U can't let these guys be proud of a fellow Asian making it an industry where he's clearly minority? As one minority to another, shaming them on their pride and calling them 'hoe ass nigg*s" doesn't do anybody shit"

"Yeah we Asians are hyped about Jeremy being a starter! There's nothing wrong with that! Every basketball fan has a favorite player who they support and get hyped over. Sure Jeremy might not me a superstar PG, he might not score a lot of points every time, but it's never wrong to say that he will! If you guys have a problem with that, then I'm not gonna say I'm sorry for supporting one of my favorite players!"

"There's an awful lot of hate from people here who expect Lin to fail because he's Asian. I get it, he's not the best PG in the league but you can't deny the guy has talent. We haven't see his full potential at all he's always been coming off the bench in the teams he's been in. The Nets may not be playoff caliber next season, but they're in a damn better position now before the got Lin. And to all the non-Asians hating of Lin, go back to watching your 2k let's plays, we don't need your hate!"