#250posts24hrsAAPI - 35: How Did Asian Americans Vote In 2016?

Saturday, May 20, 2017

If you were curious as to how the Asian American community voted (at least from one organization) check out the data down at the National Asian American Survey which is a "scientific and nonpartisan effort to poll the opinions of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders" (just want to make sure and quote that from their site).

Key findings from the 2016 NAAS post-election survey:

When compared to the 2012 AAPI Post-Election Study, Clinton did about as well as Obama did among Asian American voters and won every segment of the Asian American vote

For the first time, the NAAS surveyed Bangladeshi and Pakistani American voters, and these groups show among the strongest levels of Democratic party identification and strongest support for Clinton over Trump

Despite record gains in voters, Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders were less likely than Whites or Blacks to be contacted by political parties

The most serious problems facing Asian Americans include the affordability of college, health care, and elder care

Asian Americans are progressive on various aspects of economic policy, but are more split when it comes to policies relating to undocumented immigrants

Maybe we're just not that interesting?

Check out the data @ NAAS.