#250posts24hrsAAPI - 67: Jeremy Lin, Bullying, And ESPN

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Just a good article to read down @ ESPN:

Lin, the first American-born NBA player of Chinese or Taiwanese descent, said he heard deplorable racial slurs hurled at him from fans, opposing players and even an opposing coach during his four years at Harvard while playing on the road from 2006 to '10.

"The worst was at Cornell, when I was being called a c---k," the Brooklyn Nets point guard said in an interview on his teammate's podcast, "Outside Shot with Randy Foye." "That's when it happened. I don't know ... that game, I ended up playing terrible and getting a couple of charges and doing real out-of-character stuff. My teammate told my coaches [that] they were calling Jeremy a c---k the whole first half. I didn't say anything, because when that stuff happens, I kind of just, I go and bottle up -- where I go into turtle mode and don't say anything and just internalize everything."

Big ups to Lin for keeping the dialogue going.