Virginia Tran + Wait Crimes + Best Web Series

Thursday, May 18, 2017

I started working when I was 12 (under the table) as a scraper - scraping off the food before it went to the dishwashers - and slowly worked my way up to doing pots and pans and dishes and then on to busing tables and finally waiting tables. I don't know if customers irked me to the extent that I wanted to throw coffee in their face (that was a surprise in the trailer) - but some days you did have to just bite your tongue.

If you've ever worked in the restaurant/food service industry - well - this might be for you.

And they got some awards.

And you can watch the entire season on Vimeo now.

On May 4, 2017, Wait Crimes was awarded the 2017 Independent Filmmakers Showcase Film Festival winner for Best Web Series. The Los Angeles-based festival featured more than 180 films. The entire season of Wait Crimes will be released on the Vimeo platform on Thursday, May 18, 2017.

Delving into the inner world of the hospitality industry, Wait Crimes–through raw and no-holds barred, pull-back-the-curtain scenes–highlights when the service industry has had enough and how they boldly confront difficult and high maintenance customers who act like idiots.

Created by Virginia Tran (barista), directed by Caleb King (bar manager), written and produced by Darius De La Cruz (server), Stephanie Mazariego (caterer) and cinematography by Marcus Johannes, this new, dark standalone comedy series was conceived by a group of restaurant industry workers and television insiders.

"Every restaurant job I’ve ever had had the same customer issues,” said Virginia Tran, the executive producer of the series. “We hustled really hard and used what was available to us as restaurant workers to tell our story. It's been such a wild ride with so many amazing favors from people who believed in us. It feels as though Wait Crimes is bigger than all three of us now. The win is for all of us."

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