When Nothing Is Good Enough For White People...A Random Diatribe With Examples

Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Sometimes when I've had random conversations with White People sometimes it seems like nothing is good enough for them and you just can't seem to appease them and it's just funny to me how some days Asian Americans and other POC just can't manage to move the needle.

Some examples of White People might say when someone who isn't white says something about what they've done (and yes...this happens internally in groups as well - but we're talking about White People).

Someone: I just ran an awesome 5K race! My first time!

White Person: I did a triathlon last year after we vacationed in the Grand Caymans. I had a personal trainer. They were awesome.

Someone: Woohoo! I just got an awesome job making twice of my last job!

White Person: Hopefully you won't get fired. You're sure that's what they're paying you?

Someone: Just got a new car - love it!

White Person: Didn't want to buy American huh? Well I guess the Asians make decent cars even if they're not made in our country.

Someone: It actually is...

White Person: What did you say?

Someone: OMG - I love them! So gorgeous!

White Person: What are they mixed?