Indie Film Watch: Never Perfect By Regina Park

Monday, August 27, 2007

Whether or not you think plastic surgery is fine for anyone and everyone, or you think those who do so should realize their own unique and inner beauty - plastic surgery is here to stay and director Regina Park (a second-generation Korean-American) takes a further look at it through the life of a 27 year old Vietnamese-American woman who is looking to redefine her life.

Here is piece from the film’s synopsis:

NEVER PERFECT explores the complex journey of a young Vietnamese-American woman’s struggle with popular perceptions of beauty and body image as she fights the stigma of racial self-hatred in her decision to undergo cosmetic surgery.

In 1982 her family left behind a tight-knit Vietnamese community for the suburban sprawl of California , U.S.A.

Now 27 years-old, having been reared amidst a backdrop of American malls, movies and magazines and living in the same suburban house in which she was raised, Mai-Anh challenges her self-diagnosed “quarter-life crisis” by way of “new location, new lifestyle, new look.”

She begins a literal and symbolic transformation and reinvention of herself: a relocation from quiet suburbia to the heart of urban Los Angeles, a new lifestyle defined by living on her own for the first time, and finally, a new physical makeover: double eyelid surgery only days after starting her new life.

But will she find the answers to her crisis on the operating room table?

View more information at the film’s website here.