Roundup: China the country versus Chinese American, Asian on Asian, Workplace racism

Friday, August 10, 2007

Some posts of late:

  • A post on how to react to a racist joke told to you in the workplace (or any other place really) down at Race In The Workplace - from personal experience I can say it does work.

  • Blogger Jenn down at Reappropriate has been getting into a debate with a group called The Fighting44s over Asians dating and marrying non-Asians - the latest of which can be found here. I really don’t view the 44 site much (at all really except for reading through the debate) - but The Fighting44s must be code for ”I have mind of drunken 12 yr old, let me bloggie.”

  • Good post down at Angry Asian Man on the differences between covering and talking about various goods from different plants in China that have fallen short or have been suspect versus applying that to all things Chinese and just plain Chinese bashing and where that could lead too.