More Sixteen Candles…

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Hyphen Magazine has a post about the movie Sixteen Candles titled “Sixteen Candles: Offensive or over it?”

“A recent San Francisco outdoor public screening of the 1984 John Hughes film Sixteen Candles has the Asian American community up in arms. Again.”

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One of the simple questions is just that as an Asian American actor - how many choices were there AT THAT TIME? Can you really blame someone for drinking water - any water - when they are really that damn thirsty - and at the same time - is it really about that one role - or IS IT MORE about the fact that it was one of the only mainstream portrayals of an Asian American and there was nothing else to compare it too?

Has Gedde Watanabe never been given his due as an actor because of this one role and its affect on the AA male population?

Something to ponder…