Viacom and YouTube Part 2: Update on the banned video and being legal

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Instead of carelessly uploading the video to torrents and mirrors as was threatened - but never actually done - Slant Eye For The Round Eye is taking the correct legal measures and counter-notifying the false claims of copyright infringment and asking YouTube to lift the ban on the video “When White People Go Bad: Episode #1 - Trisha Cummings” (at the same time, the previous post was deleted/edited).

More videos will be added in the future though, because you shouldn’t have to be a large company or organization with hundreds of lawyers to utilize Fair Use and the First Amendment, and everyone should be free to critique and make social commentary.

For those interested here is the counter:

TO: YouTube DMCA Complaints
FROM: **** ****, Slant Eye For The Round Eye

The video on the YouTube site, entitled “When White People Go Bad: Episode #1 - Trisha Cummings”, was wrongfully taken down because of a false copyright infringement claim charged by Viacom International Inc.

The video which previously was found at this url: the slanteye4theroundeye account, does in fact use clips from Viacom’s television production of MTV’s The Real World: Sydney, but does so under the guidelines of Fair Use for social and cultural critique and to illustrate an argument and point, specifically about racism , which is made very clear by watching the full video, which was wrongfully taken down because of the false charges from Viacom International Inc.

Slant Eye For The Round Eye is a social news and op-ed blog which sheds light on issues revolving around race, racism, and the APIA community. The video which was pulled down under the false copyright infringement claim from Viacom International Inc, was an extension of that same social commentary, much like current television shows that satirize or critique, current political, social, entertainment, and other public figures.

Because the video is clearly not in any infringement of Viacom International Inc.’s copyrights, but is used clearly within the guidelines of Fair Use, we are asking that YouTube remove the ban on the video and re-enable the video for viewing.

**** ****,
Slant Eye For The Round Eye