The Big Asian Pop Directory

Monday, April 28, 2008

Got this sent along to me and it's a cool site - it needs a search option, but it definitely helps in finding out info on Asian Pop easy (hopefully it will keep on expanding versus becoming spam fodder):

Are Zhang Ziyi, Andy Lau, RAIN, BoA, or Mika Nakashima some of your favorite performers? Got a fix for Jeon Ji-hyun? Need to find a picture of Jackie Chan or Jet Li? No matter what you're looking for - or why - The Big Asian Pop Directory helps you find it by giving you an extensive list of artists, entertainers, movie stars, and singers -- and then gives you customized starting points for all of your favorite sites, for each individual entry.

When you click on an entry in the directory, it takes you to a "Reference Map" where it lists sites like Google Images, IMEEM, Flickr, YouTube (all the sites you love, and some you might grow too) and gives you a customized link to each one, passing along the entry as metadata, or keywords. Customized starting points for each entry means getting the information you want faster.
Check out the site at