Evil Dead: Killing in Korea

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

This article on how "Evil Dead: The Musical" is taking South Korea by storm, just kind of caught my eye:

Evil Dead: The Musical" may not have been a killer hit Off Broadway, but it's slaying them in South Korea. The campy Canadian musical based on Sam Raimi's cult slasher films is packing them in at the Chungmu Art Hall Theater, where it opened March 19 and is scheduled to run through June 14.

According to lead producer Jeffrey Latimer, various representatives of the Japanese market are negotiating for the property, while a German production also has been signed for later this year. Back in Toronto, where the musical gorefest began in 2003, the show reopened for the fifth time on Feb. 14 and has just been held over into summer. So how does a show that failed commercially in Gotham manage to spin out a life halfway around the world?
One of my favorite quotes - "there's life beyond the Splatter Zone".