Go Go Possible Mayor Andrew Shaw

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

While the turnout is supposed to be extremely low - about 20% of those eligible to vote - hopefully it might play into Andrew Shaw's favor who is the first Asian American to run for the office of Mayor in Milwaukee WI. Here's a little bit more about Andrew from a Q & A down at wisn.com:

The determined candidate was born in South Korea and raised in Minnesota. He graduated in 1992 with a J.D. in Law from Marquette University Law School. Since then, Shaw has worked for 15 years as an attorney and an entrepreneur.

He has always been interested in addressing issues involving race. While attending law school, the candidate participated in the creation of Marquette University Law School's chapter of the Asian Law Students Association.

In 1999, he became the first Asian-American to run for judge in Milwaukee County receiving 26 percent or 22,017 votes against Judge Pat McMahon.

Now, he is the first Asian American to run for a Milwaukee mayoral position.

Shaw addressed Milwaukee's racial divide and outlined his mayoral plan during this interview...
The interview is pretty righteous and I hope Shaw can get it done. For the full article and Q & A, go here.