Direct Arts And Take Two 2/15

Friday, February 11, 2011

If you're looking for something to help take the bite out of V-Day check out some Direct Arts and get to know some of your early Aaron Yoo (and who doesn't want to get a little tipsy anyway?):

Take Two 2/15
Theater artists, filmmakers and social activists unite! And get slightly tipsy together.

7:30 DRY CLEAN ONLY, JP Chan, 2006
A dry cleaning clerk is given a special request by a blood-splattered couple with a wad of cash. With Kavi Ladnier, Debargo Sanyal and Aaron Yoo.

8:00 THE GRIND, Written & Directed by Victoria Linchong
Take a look behind the g-string in this "pilot episode" of a serial performance project in development. Set in 1997 when Giuliani is putting the squeeze on community gardens and sex shops, THE GRIND follows two girls, best friends since high school, who both work at a seedy topless club in downtown New York.

Following the program, stay for a discussion with Siobhan Brooks-King from Temple University.

Siobhan Brooks-King is a sex worker activist, who helped organize the country's first and only workplace union of sex workers at The Lusty Lady, a well-known peep show in San Francisco's North Beach district. Her writing has been included in Whores and Other Feminists (ed. Jill Nagle Routledge,1998) and Feminism and Anti-Racism (eds. France Winddance Twine and Kathleen Blee, 2000). She is currently an assistant professor in women's studies at Temple University. Her book, Unequal Desire: Race and Erotic Capital in Societies, was recently published in September 2010 by State University of New York Press.