The Japanese American National Museum, Imam Hamza Perez, And The Day of Remembrance

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

An important day in our history as APIA's - if you have the time you'll definitely want to get on out to the Japanese American National Museum to hear Imam Hamza Perez:

The Day of Remembrance is held each year around February 19th to commemorate the day that Executive Order 9066 was signed by President Franklin D. Roosevelt which resulted in the incarceration of over 110,000 Japanese Americans during World War II.

This year's theme, "September 11: Ten Years After” was selected because of growing anti-Muslim sentiments and attacks on mosques across the country. The DOR committee affirms the importance for Japanese Americans to support the Muslim American community. Former Congressman and Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta will address why Japanese Americans have a special responsibility to speak out against civil rights violations and the importance of reaffirming our support for the Muslim American community. In order to understand what the Muslim American community is experiencing, Imam Hamza Perez (New Muslim Cool) will talk about the difficulties he faced setting up his mosque in Pittsburgh. In an effort to prevent further hate crimes and violence, DOR will inspire community members to reflect and take action for community solidarity.
Get more information down at their site.