History Channel's Top Shot: Jay Lim And Athena Lee

Sunday, February 13, 2011

While you may not think this would be that interesting - actually - guns, sharp shooters, and eliminations where someone actually pulls a trigger to cast their vote isn't that bad of a recipe for reality tv (because it could be worse - just think Jerseylicious*).

Jay Lim

Age: 35
Hometown: Fullerton, CA
Occupation: Golf Instructor

"I'm not just a shooter, I'm an athlete. I'm a thinker. I'm all that. Whatever I think--I can get my body to do." Jay Lim is an amateur shooter who believes his natural abilities can earn him the Top Shot title. Boastful? Maybe. But this golf instructor can back it up. He has competed in archery events on a national level, once taking him all the way to the 2004 Olympic Trials. And he doesn't just excel at archery--Jay competes with the air pistol, air rifle, skeet and handgun. He's a self-described over-achiever who loves marksmanship because "there is perfection in shooting, and that is what I strive for."


* Competes in local and national archery and air pistol events, placing within top 10%
* Qualified in 2004 Olympic Trials for archery
* Olympic and American skeet training by medalist Kim Rhode
* Shoots Olympic air rifles, air pistols, freestyle hand thrown clays, handguns, and blow guns; also throws knives

Athena Lee

Age: 32
Hometown: Katy, TX
Occupation: Oil company contractor

"Who doesn't want to see a short, Asian chick kick butt?" On the pro circuit, kicking butt is exactly what Athena's done. After winning two world IPSC Championship titles on the Philippine Ladies Team--and getting increasingly frustrated with the restrictions on professional shooters there--Athena emigrated to the U.S., where in 2008, she helped win a world title for the American women's team. In addition to competing, she was also a firearms instructor in Houston where she is passionate about opening people's minds about the sport of shooting--and who can be good at it. "It's a good feeling to be competing with a bunch of guys who are bigger than I am."


* 2002 and 2003 World Speed Shooting Open Women's Champion
* 1999 and 2008 IPSC World Shoot Open Women's Champion
* 2001 and 2007 Australasian Open Women's Champion
* 2002 and 2007 USPSA National Open Women's Champion

Check out more at the History Channel.

* I'm not going to tell you I'm proud of this fact, but yes, I have watched an episode or two...just for research...