La Grange + La Grange Park (Aka Sometimes It's The Little Things)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sure, when you read the fact that La Grange Park IL's Asian American population went up from 218 to 263, and that the village of La Grange (I don't really know the difference between the two though...) has a population increase of Asian Americans over the last ten years of 37% (from 156 to 214) - you might just shrug.

In the scope of everything else that's going on it might just not be that big of a deal.

At the same time I was just thinking to myself that if you were one of the 218 out of the total population of 13,579 (the Park) that extra 45 people who understand some of the things you go through simply because of the way you look and how other people might perceive you - how that increase - small as it could be seen - might actually have a larger impact than thought of at first glance.