Erik: I'm Sorry. Again.

Monday, June 13, 2011

I won't say anything about Lebron and Wade and Bosh (who I've actually started to like a little more) and the fact that when push came to shove just didn't have that thing called character possibly (?) but they did get caught in something called Karma nor will I mention anything about that who cough media blowing it out of proportion mishap (oops - sorry I guess I did mention it and if truth be told I don't really think they blew it out of proportion).

But I just wanted to say I was sorry.


And that I think you should look a little meaner when you're losing so you don't lose your job (because of people who might misinterpret that as being soft when you should really be beating your team down for lack of effort).

Because let's face it - as much as the world hates The Miami Heat - we'd hate it even more if we have to stare at Pat Riley for a year versus you (because I love your dimples you sweet sweet man who when all is said and done made it to The Finals).