An Open Letter To API's Who Send Me Press Releases That Have Nothing To Do With Anything

Monday, June 13, 2011

Dear People Who I'm Referring Too In The Title Of The Post,

Just because you might have an Asian sounding name doesn't really mean that much to me when you press release me about things that having absolutely nothing to do with anything that I would ever post on - especially seeing as how I'm blogging out only half time right now and I really don't have time for things like the following:

1. Probiotic (WTF is this shit anyway and what the hell kind of disease is it going to give me after I STOP using it?)

2. Johnny Depp. I know he gets everyone a little wet and a little hard, but why the fuck do I care again?

3. Strippers.

4. Scratch that. We all care about strippers.

5. Don't we?