The Film Campaign, Tiffany Hsiung, And Within Every Woman

Monday, June 13, 2011

Got this sent in from some of the folks down at Golden Nugget Productions and wanted to make sure and post it on up.

Within Every Woman is a documentary ( which tells the untold stories of the former Comfort Women – a term used to describe the 200,000 women who were coerced or kidnapped into sexual slavery by the Japanese Military during WWII. Our documentary focuses on the aftermath of such atrocities, and the complexities involved in healing from sexual abuse. The grandmothers are strong, resilient, beautiful women. For some, it took over 50 years to come forward and tell their families and loved ones about their past. Today, 1 in every 4 girls in North America experiences a form of sexual abuse. Many of them never come forward. We hope our film will inspire young women today to speak out against their perpetrators -- the grandmothers stories teach us that it is never too late!

We recently pitched our film at The 2011 Hot Docs Forum to great success, generating a lot of interest for distribution. But first we need to finish the film . We are 50% through filming and now need to raise the necessary funds to finish. We’ve launched a Kickstarter Campaign with a focusing on raising awareness and as many $5 or $10 donation as possible.… Every little bit helps. I'm writing to see if you would consider tweeting or blogging about our Kickstarter Campaign. You have such an amazing following, and we know being on your blog would generate so many hits on our site. Have a look at our Kickstarter Campaing - watch the trailer!

We filmed for three months in Asia last summer and have gotten to know these amazing, resilient, strong women. Today, there are only a handful of survivors (all above the age of 80) left. A Korean group of former Comfort Women, demonstrate every Wednesday in Seoul in search of a formal apology from the Japanese government. They have
been demonstrating for over 17 years, but time is running out. We want to bring their stories to a global audience before it’s too late.
Sounds like a great film to help get off the ground.