In Pictures: Sounds Of Justice, Live Band, And Tou SaiKo Lee

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I got invited to this event called Sounds Of Justice and happened to get a picture of the group who was performing with local community activist and organizer Tou Saiko Lee - and let me just say for the record - they laid down some great music for the event.

If you're wondering who the above good looking men are - because you think you might want to date one of them - wonder no more:

From left to right: Tsitsy (Keys), Shawn (Drums), Tieng (Bass - who also owns a restaurant that the band practices at), and Tou SaiKo Lee (vocals).

Not pictured here, but who also played a song with Tou SaiKo Lee - was Hmong singer PK - and if you get a chance - definitely check her out because she was pretty live.