It's Official: The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Really Is Racist And Sexist

Friday, June 17, 2011

I'll be honest - I never actually thought UMass Dartmouth was racist before this - because I really don't know it per se - but I guess from the article down at bizjournals - it really is official because apparently they like to deny full professorships to people like Professor LuLu Sun based on their gender, race, and Chinese ancestry:

At a hearing on June 1, an MCAD hearing officer found that "school administrators ignored Professor Sun's outstanding teaching evaluations and cutting-edge research, mischaracterized her dossier as an 'embarrassment,' and indulged in every presumption against her application for promotion while extending every benefit of the doubt to male candidates for promotion," according to an MCAD press release emailed to reporters Thursday.
I still think they got off a little easy though even if they had to pay out about $350,000 (because what's wrong with an even 500K) and what's even more amazing to me is that the promotion which Sun was denied was in the Humanities Division.