A Quick Letter To The Prius

Friday, November 27, 2009

Dear Prius:

I don't really know why people don't tell you how to use you before you actually get into the car (because I just thought you worked like other cars) - and yes, I did realize eventually there was a manual in the glove compartment, although just for the record, I really don't know why they call it a glove compartment when there're almost never gloves in the actual compartment - but I just want you to know that me + you make for lots of fun for other people.

See, it probably wasn't really that safe, but somehow I kept on getting you into drive or reverse, even though I wasn't really sure how.

The first couple of times I just figured I probably didn't push the Power button hard enough - but I really didn't care - I was just happy to be driving you, becase you know - I had stuff to do. But the third time? As I sat there in my stall for what actually seemed like 10 minutes turning you on and off and then back on again, once I did get it into reverse, really - no lie - I thought it was because there was a safety lock on you that prevented you from going into drive or reverse when the radio was on - it just made sense to me at that point.

But then I had to get you back into drive again after that, and I realized that in fact this was not the case - because I had the radio off and my seat belt on and just to be sure, I even turned off the air conditioning.

I hit the brake so many times, turned you back on and off again, that the parking lot attendant couldn't help but actually mention to the person on the phone he was talking too about this guy he was watching who was sitting in a Prius turning it off and on and stepping on the brake a lot (because I saw this light on you that lit up with the word "Brake" so I kept on hitting the actual brake over and over, as well as kept on pushing the parking break on and off again as well).

Yes. I could have looked at the manual, but I didn't actually think to myself of using such an "old school" method. I didn't even think to look there until someone I talked with later said "Did you check the manual in the glove compartment?".

No. I went on to YouTube with my iPhone because I figured there had to be someone who showed a video about the right way to get you into gear.

And I was right.

Who knew you had to step on the brake at the same time you pressed the Power button. I mean really - who knew.

I have to admit, once I found that out I was giddy - and giddy really is the right word - I just turned you on and off again and put you into drive and reverse, just because I could (because it made me feel smarter than I actually am).

So Prius - thank you for helping me to overcome being Prius challenged. I won't probably ever buy you (in part because I would get distracted by your energy display and then your Prius child that you spawned would be a Prius wreck) - but I have enjoyed driving you even if I really didn't understand how to actually work you right away.

Sometimes it's the little things.