Late Night And Early Morning Thoughts On Blogness And 2012

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

As long as I'm introspective I thought if only for myself, I'd go off on a random tangent of, well, introspective thoughts on my blogness and what 2012 has to offer, or not offer for this hack of a thing I call a blog.

I'm now technically in my sixth year of blogging with 4700+ posts and it's been all over the board - just like me somedays (my better half would say I'm kind of manic in that way). Over the time, I've met a lot of people, had extreme anxiety about my personal space and identity, sometimes been a complete asshole, and other times haven't been as much of an asshole as I should have been, and other times, have just been completely idiotic, sometimes hard to work with, and other times, jolly as a jelly bean getting sucked on by a beautiful thumper in the dead of winter while sledding down a hill (and yes, it is early morning and I have no editing skills at the moment and I really have no idea what that means).

Being pseudo anonymous - you take your lumps - but it's been a great thing as well - I get to say exactly what's on my mind and sometimes what's on other people's minds - not without repercussions (because even being anonymous you are known) - but it does give me some safety (I need a MF job and when you've lived life the way I have, you sometimes have a mentality of keeping the things you have close to you and making sure you still have them because at the end of the day sometimes the mentality is that you're the only one who's watching out for you - and you can take that however you want too).

Through the years though I've met a ton of great people - and slowly - as I realized that the people I come into contact with - people from the community - people who take the time to meet with me, e-mail me, make contact in a plethora of ways - that there's nothing there to worry about - there's just passion for the community - I think I've started to become slightly less anxious in that way. I've met folks out in person, use my real name to sign e-mails (because I can only be called Slanty for so long in those types of communications), ended up not caring if people gave me that look because I didn't look like they thought I would - and in some ways - normalized what was sometimes abnormal to me (because sometimes it has been).

So here's to just "being", never having another FB meltdown (it's worked out well so far), kissing K-girl in the middle of the night simply because I can, still meeting great people from the APIA community, randomly posting things for better or worse (kind of like this), checking in with things that might have went awry because of ego or possibly just because I have to pee a lot, cheesy hot dogs with some potato chips, hopefully more blogging than I did in 2011, and of course hardcore porn.

Wow...I have no business being up this late.