Matt Damon, The Semi-Talented Mr. Uckley, And Ripping Obama (AKA When White People Have Remorse)

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Maybe it's the fact that Damon's last string of movies just haven't been that good, or maybe it's the fact that he's just looking a little more like a poochy White Guy and just needs to lash out at someone (and yes I realize that types ad hominem and personal and that also using those two words together is a little redundant but I can't help it on both because I'm feeling a little verbalitastic, or verbalicaustic, whichever you might choose, and yes btw, those are made up words).

Or - maybe it's the fact that he's just another White Guy who only sees it from his POV, which would be a White Guy's POV (and yes, that's also redundant, but maybe there's a reason for all this redundancy?) who maybe doesn't understand what it takes to be the first President Of The United States Of America Who Hasn't Been White? Who not only has to deal with bridging the gap from a political sense, but also a racial sense? And having to do it all while inheriting a fragile economy both here and around the world?

I mean if you think about the studies that have educated us over and over (and over yet again) about how we as POC earn less and have to work harder than our White Counterparts because of stereotypical perceptions and racial bias, doesn't it hold true than that the first President Of The United States Who's Not A White Male still has to work against those same perceptions and racial biases?

That while he can be bold and strong as a leader - as he as - that like it or not he still has to work within the system doing things just a little differently?

Maybe it's just me - but how does a President take out Bin Laden yet still get questioned about "having balls"?

I wonder what the sentiment would be like if this was Clinton instead of Obama?

And maybe it's just me again - but I wonder if Damon is really saying something like this:

"This is what I get for helping to put this Black MF in office. He can't get shit done. He has no leadership and now I look like the stupidest MF because I told all my White friends that you know what - this guy's it. But you know what? He's not. He can't get it done and I should have known better. He's just your typical n*****."

Then again - that's probably just me.