#250posts24hrsAAPI - 53: On That White Shit In Skating (AKA That's What Happens When You Got To Tokyo)

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Listen - I'm not saying skating isn't about trying to hit new places and new landscapes - because that's a part of what makes the sport so great - and sometimes that involves skating where maybe you shouldn't - but this video from a couple months back which I've been meaning to post up on - well - this just reeks of White Dudes going to another country and just being - well - White dudes (and yes, there seems to be at least one other Asian in their crew).

There's nothing wrong with trying to get a shot - but when you start messing around with other people - in another country - with the dichotomy of White Guys in Asia - well - that's another thing (and I have some other thoughts on this as well).

And for the record - Jaws is one of my favorite skaters to watch (I don't know the guy though so...) and I didn't see him being into anything per se - but the people around him did.

And yes - some of the comments under the video say how some people were feeling:

1. "you are so stupid.Get out of Japan,scum"

2. "Please white pig went out from Japan"

3. "This is NOT cool at all. I only see stupid Americans do shit.".


Yeah - some of the comments overall aren't great, and it's something skating needs to clean up - because that just doesn't fly.

And yeah - WTF was Hilfiger doing there?

And notice I didn't ask why he sounded so damn White, because well - you know...