#250posts24hrsAAPI - 54: GoPro, White Racist Shit, And More Skating In Asia

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Since I'm on the topic, I'm gonna post another video from 2014 that I was going to include in another post (and I still may at some point as I talk about all the things that skating needs to change - especially before the Olympics) and just go to around 1:19 where you get - well you see - White Guys making fun of the way Asian people speak English - in Asia (because it's not up to them right?).

At least it's good that Chris Cole doesn't seem to be doing that (because he could be a commentator down the road as he's been doing with SLS) - but I still wondered how this passed the GoPro editors because you know - it's a little MF racist and the last thing you need for skating is to have images of White Guys being - well - White Guys.

Because that's not all of skating - sure some people have that in their mind, and it does exist - but there are truly so many different communities.

Let's not let them get overshadowed by dumbass White Guys.