ImaginAsian, Giant Robot, Blacklava, I Love Yous Are For White People, And Getting Your DIY On

Friday, March 05, 2010

I got word sent in from my man Lac Su about his new t-shirts, fundraising for Giant Robot, ImaginAsian and - well - WTH am I doing talking about it - just check out the video.

From Lac

People who've read my memoir suggested that if I stamp the words "I Love Yous Are for White People" onto a t-shirt, they would totally wear it. Perhaps they connect with the phrase on some level or because they dig my book. Or both.

So, I've reached out to some friends who made it happen. Thank you Donnytello Tran from Neaato for drawing the illustration and to Ryan Suda at Black Lava for screening the image onto nice, soft, and comfy t-shirts (i.e. not like the t-shirts you get at the Indo' Swapmeet). It's a unisex t-shirt and will hug your bod nicely (i.e. not like the t-shirts that make you feel like you have wings for sleeves).

Proceeds will go to:

1. Who: Asian American Network of Indiana’s ImaginAsian art fundraiser

Why: To purchase Asian American Studies materials for the Purdue and Indiana University libraries.

2. Who: Giant Robot Magazine

Why: To keep the magazine that has been documenting, promoting, and growing Asian and Asian American popular culture since the 90's in print.

How to get the t-shirt

Donate: $20.00
Shipping: FREE (domestic - for a limited time)
Optional: $2 more, if you want me to autograph the t-shirt for you. (Didn't think my signature would cost anything but I am fund-raising.)

Make the check to "Lac Su" and mail to:

Give Me My Shirt
12606 Arabian Way
San Diego, CA 92064

Info I will need from you:

Name, address, size, and note if you would like me to sign it.. Your t-shirt(s) will ship the day after I receive your donation.