A Note To PR People And Shit I Don't Really Care About

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Dear People From PR Firms:

First, let me just say that this post isn't about anyone who e-mails me about legitimate events and people from the AAPI community - keep on sending it in because you know that's what I'm MF down for.

No - this is for the people that e-mail shit like this.

I have nothing against getting your pole dance on, but do you read my blog or are you just fascinated with what you think are my SE rankings?

Or how about this gem of a Where The Fuck Are The Asian People At?

I'm not saying your movie has to have Asian faces in it. In fact, I like movies where Asian people aren't even in them - but why - on a blog which is pretty much dedicated to either my perspective as an Asian American, or that hypes Asian and Asian Americans, events, films, music, et al. - why do I want to post on a movie that LEAVES US OUT OF VALENTINES DAY except for to say that it leaves us out of Valentine's Day?


So stop sending me shit I don't care about.


This doesn't apply to those firms that want to send me new cars to test drive or really big bars of gold (which I know doesn't really make any sense, and that it would never happen, but I figure, hey - you never know).